Information about Webex Events

The conference will take place with the tool "Webex Events" from Cisco, we provied here same explanations.

 Quick summary

  • We will use “Cisco Webex Events”
  • You will receive an e-mail invitation at least 12 hours before the start of the virtual conference.
  • You will get a separate e-mail invitation for each day and each Section.
  • Do not share the invitation with others.
  • Do not leave the event during the breaks – please only deactivate video and audio.
  • Multiple entries with the same registration do not work (host excluded).
  • Webex event will be open half an hours before the official start of the virtual conference, on every day, to check your and our audio and video quality.


If you have starting or joining problems, please visit:

When you enter the meeting/conference your role is defined by the system as an attendee.


Attendees options

As an Attendee you microphone is muted by default, the video option is deactivated. Only the host can mute attendee’s microphone.

 After starting the event, right bottom corner of your screen should be looking like this:



After turning “Participants” view on, you are able to use “raise hand” function.



After turning “Chat” function on, you are able to send a massage.




Q&A session

For asking questions please use the "raising hand" or the chat function. On basis of “first come first served” the chairman and/or host will then assign you the privileges of a “panelist”

In order to be promoted to a panelist or ask questions, attendees must use “raise hand” function:


As soon as you have the privileges of a panelist, you can switch on the microphone or/and video and ask questions. After your questions and answers the host will put you back to the attendee status.


HowTo Webex Events

To help you to get started with the Webex Meetings tool, here some detailed explanation:


Panelist options in Cisco Webex Events

  • In Webex Events, panelists can assist the host and participate in the presentation.
  • The host can designate any attendee as a panelist during an event.
  • The number of attendees is unlimited.


Panelist roles and privileges

A panelist can do the following during an event:

  • Participate in discussions to which other attendees listen.
  • Respond to public and private chat messages.
  • View feedback.
  • Save chat messages to a file.
  • Download files that the presenter publishes.
  • A panelist cannot mute or unmute other participants.
  • The event host and panelists can always share their video during an event.
  • Up to 25 panelists can share their video during an event.

Webex Events panelists can join events using video systems.



  • Do not use VPN connections during video sharing/streaming.
  • For streaming live video at resolution of 720p, you need a minimum of 4 Mbps upload rate.
  • For HD quality, you need at least 6 Mbps upload constantly.
  • Use a network cable if possible, WiFi connection can be a problem.



Webex app is available in following languages:

 Australia (English)

Brazil (Português)

Canada (English)

Canada (Français)

China (简体字)

France (Français)

Hong Kong (繁體中文)

India (English)

Italy (Italiano)

Japan (日本語)

South Korea (한국어)

Latin America (Español)

Spain (Español)

United Kingdom (English)

United States (English)